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The last time he called he was askin me if I had made a decision about what I was gonna do (abort or keep).

Told him that I hadnt aborted and I was gonna keep it, but I didnt need anything from him, and he didnt have to call me anymore.

Share with him what arose for you in your exploration of this very serious issue.

She is honored and humbled on a daily basis to be able to partner with people at such critical points in their unique journeys.

I am now a single mother and I take care of my daughter the best I can.. It does help to know that others can have a heart and compa__sion instead of hate.

Done listen to these people that talk Sh*t on here cause if they don't know how you feel or what you are going thru they need to really shut there mouth and go to another form.. An update- now I'm almost 12 weeks and will have an ultrasound on sep. Of course I will be going w/o the dad by my side, b/c we havent spoke in 3 weeks.

The only thing I wish she would understand is that I didn't walk down the aisle, take vows w/ her, or have a commitment to her, HE DID! But, I'm sure when this baby is born, I'll never regret my decision to have it, and that will be the one good thing to come from this piece of c___p that's not even a real man. I feel the pain too, just on the other side of the fence. thank you, Im sorry you and i both had to fall in love with losers.

why cant' she see he's the bad guy and we have BOTH been lied to, hurt, and deceived? I will probably always love him, but I also know that he never was who I thought he was. I can understand how you feel becasue I can see it through your eyes,,when I found out that my husband was with another woman, the first feeling was anger but then it made me realize how manipulitve men are and he probley told her all the same things he told me, to get me to fall in love,,men dont feel how women feel and they can never understand,,,, I cried too when I found too when i found out I was pregnant I thought of abortion and adoption,,,because I didnt want a baby by a man wouldnt be there for me but hten I realized one day that this is my baby and its just fait when my dad said something to a family member on the phone,,,,,,,my aunt asked him if the baby was my husbands in a rude way,,and he said,, I dont know its her baby and thats all that matter..,,,,,you know how you said you wished that she would leave him, well sometimes it takes a long time to seee a person for who they really are,, I know,,,my whole relation ship with my husband all my family and friends told me that I could do better and he didnt treat me right,,,,but I idint listen it just pushed me closer to him,,,,three years we were togethr then we got married, we were together for 2 years and he started to go out all night and party and become secretive, so I confronted him one night,,i was drunk and when he wouldnt talk to me I freaked I pushed himand he beat me so bad I got put in the hospital,,,,,, I left him and i still cried everyday and made any excuse to see him, becasue i thought he loved me,,,,,,,he started seeing someone not even a week later,,,,or already was im no sure,,,,,,,,about three months went by and we hooked up again for about twoo weeks, then he went back to her, I was p__sed.. This wasn't the first time he cheated and I'm sure it wont be the last..

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