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I am indebted to him for allowing me to make use of his work and particularly his source material.

Ever since then, for almost three hundred years, the rabbinic world has been fiercely divided over its authorship, authority and acceptability.

These essays, although not necessarily Kotzker in essence, are certainly Kotzk inspired.

I thank Rabbi Daniel Glatstein most sincerely, for sharing his brilliant research on Chemdat Yamim with me.

Like so many other books of that era, there were strong suspicions that it may have been authored by one of the many secret Sabbateans who were surreptitiously trying to infuse rabbinic literature with their residual messianism.

Some suspected the anonymous author to have been Natan ha Azati (Nathan of Gaza, the ‘prophet’ who proclaimed Sabbatai Tzvi to be ‘Mashiach’.) An Amsterdam publication of Chemdat Yamim actually flaunted a drawing of Natan ha Azati, as well as a poem with the acrostic Ani Binyamin Natan ben Elisha Chaim.

Sometimes these practices were known before and were simply publicised and encouraged by the book.Furthermore, in kabbalistic literature, each of the 365 negative commandments of the Torah corresponds to a different day of the year.Accordingly, the date of Tisha be Av corresponds to the prohibition of eating the hind-quarter.The next day he called them all together and asked each student to tell him what they had done recently.One admitted to having fallen asleep the previous night while studying.

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