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Changing the timer is less time consuming that a valve.Most manufacturers produce the commercial type sprinkler heads, and the (cheaper) homeowner style. Always us a swing joint between the fitting and the sprinkler head.The information presented is applicable to release 11i and 12 versions of the Oracle Applications.As they age, members of the Baby Boomer generation don't like to admit that they're senior citizens, but they love getting discounts.

I live in Winnetka which is about 30 minutes northwest of Los Angeles. If not can you recommend a reasonably priced, reliable person? When adjusting sprinkler head we charge 10$ a head to adjust pressure or even change out top part of the sprinkler head.The sprinkler system has a 3 year part and labor warranty. 1 inch dca bfp 01in pres reducing valve 300$ rotary head mpr x 80.00= 22408 spray head 4 inch x 40=320.00Valve 1 in incl pipe fitting 5 at 130 = 650.00 then $ 300 for click and 120 rain sensor.. I've had way higher quotes and lower quotes than this. He had said he charges 650.00 zone on first conversation... The average cost of a sprinkler system is between 450 to 0 per Zone this includes labor.I like that you don't have to adjust the system as it accounts for hills or slopes in your yard as well as rain. Most homeowners can do it themselves but what homeowners do not realize is there are laws and regulations governing irrigation, for example backflow and backflow prevention.It is important you already have a basic understanding of Oracle navigation and Standard Costing Methods.At a minimum, you will need the Inventory, Bills of Materials and Cost Management responsibilities.

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