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There’s just one perfect line that completely defines a control freak. And almost always, it’ll hurt you more than any good it does to you.

Are you convinced that the only way to achieve happiness or do a good job is by doing it yourself? The controlling side in you could affect all aspects of your life, be it your love life, your workspace, friends and just about every other relationship.

Control freaks may believe they’re perfectionists who are really good at what they do, and they may even convince themselves that they’re controlling only because they’re the only one capable of bearing the burden.

[Read: 10 steps to be a perfectionist without turning into a control freak] The stressed side of a control freak The control freak in us can take over our lives for different reasons.

#12 You set unreasonably high standards for yourself, which can leave you disappointed and frustrated.

The controlling boyfriend who thinks he needs to take control of his girlfriend’s life, the mother who thinks she needs to micromanage her kids every second of every day because they may get into trouble, or the wife who thinks the husband can’t do anything right are all perfect examples of control freaks in real life.

[Read: 15 subtle but scary signs of a controlling boyfriend] A control freak is always bothered by how others do something, especially if others aren’t doing it the same way the control freak does.

[Read: Why you should never make a wrong person your priority] The craving to have things your way The inner control mechanism is our mind’s way of keeping us safe.

If you are completely aware of everything around you, then nothing can surprise you, scare you or screw you.

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