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Now he agrees with me and we are building a retirement Log cabin costing 0,000 and paying cash for material and any labor we can not do. Wish I knew about this 16 years ago when I joined the Marines.

Now we are on track to actually retire and just work part time. Everything I thought I knew about money, legacy, and budgeting were wrong. I would like to see more information geared towards military as we live a bit differently than normal civilian life such as the TSP, PCS/PCA, deployments, SGLI, and SDP.

Read More Come make planning for the future fun with the U. We’ll have a full interactive experience that allows children to imagine themselves in different occupations while parents learn…

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He had great ideas and embodied everything we hear Dave say in his radio programs.Add saving for college to your regular budget, like saving for retirement and paying your household bills.More Tips Plan for college and career during the middle and high school years with MEFA Pathway Lock in today’s tuition and mandatory fee costs at a network of colleges and universities in Massachusetts.This was such a great framework of information and the community aspect of the class was awesome too.I am beyond grateful for this class and Dave Ramsey. The class was very informative, relative and incredibly helpful.

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