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Along with the changing rural economy, buildings previously used for agriculture are renovated and converted to other social and commercial uses.

3.6 In line with other changes in the concept of rural development, land consolidation now places increasing importance on gender inclusion, participatory approaches and the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution in resolving conflicts.

3.4 Environmental conditions are being given increasing priority. Water bodies are being restored, often with buffer zones.

Land consolidation projects are also used for the protection of wetlands and to change land use patterns especially in areas endangered by frequent floods or soil erosion.

This chapter illustrates the wide range of rural development objectives, ranging from agricultural improvement to village renewal and landscape development and protection, which can be addressed through land consolidation projects.

It describes various land consolidation approaches and concludes with an overview of conditions that should be put in place before land consolidation projects can be undertaken.

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3.8 In early consolidation projects the resettlement of farmers was often considered important.

3.5 Land consolidation now encompasses activities of village renewal.

Projects include providing adequate land for new houses and workplaces to improve living and working conditions.

3.1 Land consolidation is sometimes incorrectly interpreted to be only the simple reallocation of parcels to remove effects of fragmentation.

In reality, land consolidation has been associated with broader social and economic reforms from the time of its earliest applications in Western Europe.

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