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Data from multiple spreadsheets can be merged into a single spreadsheet by using the "Consolidate" function.This allows you to distribute copies of a spreadsheet to multiple users, and then later the data can be collected and combined into a master spreadsheet.No more hours and hours of manual file merging are necessary before you get your final reports ready.Instantly create the final reports with Synkronizer 11!

With this interface supported function, no more update cell by cell is necessary.

Synkronizer 11 is the only Excel compare tool in the market, that can automatically update, merge two excel spreadsheets and consolidate Excel tables and entire databases in seconds.

This new edition gets updates and mergers done faster and definitely more accurate that it can ever be achieved by manual work. All thanks to the high performance of the Synkronizer 11. Let the Synkronizer 11 take care of the time consuming task - The merging and consolidating of Excel workbooks from various departments or people.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows users to easily manipulate and analyze data using formulas and tables.

A spreadsheet is a grid of cells which are arranged in numbered or lettered rows and columns that organize data.

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