Columbia university speed dating study matchmaking dating net result

In the smaller group (10 men and 10 women) both men and women said they would like to see any given person again approximately half the time.In the large dating group, men kept to the same proportion of yeses (10 out of 20 times). There are a number of possible explanations for this, including the fact that women might invest more emotional energy in each date and not want to solicit dates from too many potential partners.Each topic is linked to an index of publications on that topic.We study dating behavior using data from a Speed Dating experiment where we generate random matching of subjects and create random variation in the number of potential partners."So women end up putting a great deal of emphasis on physical appearance, an attribute that you can evaluate relatively easily," said Simonson.Another interesting finding was that women tended to be choosier the more options they had.

Participants are asked to privately indicate whether or not they wish to go out on another date with the person they just met.Moreover, men do not value women's intelligence or ambition when it exceeds their own.Also, we find that women exhibit a preference for men who grew up in affluent neighborhoods.Our design allows us to directly observe individual decisions rather than just final matches.Women put greater weight on the intelligence and the race of partner, while men respond more to physical attractiveness.

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