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His family said he was being held in an undisclosed location.

Egyptian security services also arrested another left-wing activist, former Kefaya movement member Hassan Hussein, on Friday.

Hussein’s family sent letters to the attorney general, interior minister and others to inform them about Hussein’s arrest that took place early on Friday morning, after which he was taken to an unknown destination.

The Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms, a non-governmental human rights organisation, also stated that it had received reports about the presence of the lawyer and human rights activist Ezzat Ghonim in the State Security Prosecution office on Sunday morning and confirmed that Ghonim was detained in an unknown location.

The (QMUL) Arab Society is an independent, non-profitable society, which aims to create a home like environment for Arab students, as well as introduce non-Arabs to the Arabic culture through cultural & social events.

We organise and promote cultural and artistic events relating to the Arab world, and host a regular programme of activities including experiencing Arab cuisine and Arabic language classes.

It's necessary for Notepad but MS-Word is able to handle it. How to enter RLE: word processing, you have a main text direction which is either left-to-right or right-to-left (or top to bottom, but let's ignore that :-), and you have a text direction for individual characters, which will also be left to right or right to left.

The word processor splits the text into chunks of strings with the same character ordering, then displays these chunks according to the main text ordering.

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I can write Arabic/Urdu/Persian on MS Word or Notepad just fine, but whenever I insert any English word or number, the sequence is just disturbed and seems like the all the words have been shuffled in the sentence.

using triple click) and use the button for right-to-left direction (¶◀) in the Paragraph section of the Start pane.

As Hossein’s answer explains, the issue is the directionality in the paragraph.

It changes to left to right when you insert a Latin letter, and you need to fix this manually.

I was able to fix my text by following the steps in the first answer here.

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