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The movie follows comedienne/actress Charlyne Yi (of Knocked Up, who also co-wrote the script), as she makes a documentary about the concept of love by going on a cross-country journey across America, talking to an eclectic array of real-life people about the meaning of love.During her journey, Yi discovers true love for herself when she begins dating Superbad‘s Michael Cera, playing himself (and whom Yi supposedly had a real-life relationship with) in a scripted romance.

MM: Why did you decide to have an actor play yourself in the movie?Nicholas Jasenovec (NJ): Charlyne originally wanted to make a documentary about love and remain behind the camera.She asked me for help and we began developing the idea together.We had the actors improvise the scenes off of an outline and kept the number of takes to a minimum.And we occasionally had to rewrite the scenes on the spot to keep things feeling as organic as possible, so the story was constantly evolving.

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