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This school developed during a major reform in penology when society began designing prisons for the sake of extreme punishment.This period also saw many legal reforms, the French Revolution, and the development of the legal system in the United States.Positivism comprises three segments: biological, psychological and social positivism.Psychological Positivism is the concept that criminal acts or the people doing said crimes do them because of internal factors driving them.

Typically women are born with XX sex chromosomes, whereas men are born with the XY sex chromosomes.

Sociological positivism suggests societal factors such as poverty, membership of subcultures, or low levels of education can predispose people to crime.

Adolphe Quetelet used data and statistical analysis to study the relationship between crime and sociological factors.

He found age, gender, poverty, education, and alcohol consumption were important factors to crime.

Émile Durkheim viewed crime as an inevitable aspect of a society with uneven distribution of wealth and other differences among people.

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