Burmese dating

In 1957 Lu Lu met an American diplomatic family who lived in Burma for five years and were going back to America.

They wanted a Karen nanny in their house in America, and Lu Lu applied for the job to stay for a few years in their country. She was always very happy when I took her out on the weekends.

As the night went on I must have drunk too many beers, I remember I paid twenty-five cents a bottle.

Lu Lu was even asked to show one of the native dances in the middle of the dance floor.

I asked Lu Lu if she would like to go out with me for a date one day.

So we exchanged phone numbers and I told her that I would call her. Lu at that wedding, a big change was going to happen in my life. She was so different from the women I dated before. She was very straightforward in whatever she talked about.

One night I picked up Lu Lu and we drove to a friend of mine.

I was already drinking when I arrived at Lu Lu's house.

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