Bsd updating usrsrc who is lloyd dating

Most of the following steps can be done as ordinary user.

Only the installation of a new kernel and the userland will require root privileges. You can retrieve or update the sources for your release using anoncvs over ssh by specifying the correct branch tag.

Although they do not affect everyone, it is highly recomended to upgrade at least to RELENG_5_4 or RELENG_5 (Read Free BSD_Release_Branches for definitions of these tags) before upgrading to 6.0 .Restore configuration files Restore from your notes taken during the mergemaster -p phase, and the saved configuration files in the #Backups step.You may need to also reinstall any binary modules (non-ports) that you may have had previously installed. This is probably the best place for things to break, as they haven't actually changed anything yet.If you really cannot have physical access to the machine, you might risk cutting off all other services other than ssh, and killing any unnecessary daemons (to minimize library usage) and attempting the remote upgrade, but this is neither supported nor recomended.If you continue in multiuser mode you should realize there is a significant probability that you will break your system.

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