Black dating lip new york be a secret till Christmas arrives 🙂 By the way, let me also tell you about today’s product, which belongs to my MIL.

It’s a beautiful, slightly shimmery, lavender mixed pink lipstick from NYC Ultra Last Lip Wear range namely named Flirty. NYC New York Color Ultra Last Lip Wear is wearable, ultra lasting and stays on up to 6 hours.

She also gifted me purple stuff, even otherwise there has been a touch of purple in all her gifts post wedding.

She even planned a lavender theme for our wedding reception, but thankfully, my reception outfit was already finalized and I wore my favourite red saree.

Did I tell you purple is her favourite color and she has a soft corner for lavenders, no matter the occasion or stuff.

Needless to say, her wardrobe is always full of purple stuff.

However, she wore lavender banarasi silk saree that day and my hubby’s tie was matching with her lavender outfit rather than my red attire 😛 I remember one of our well wishers immediately advised my hubby that his outfit should match his better halve’s rather than mommy post wedding 😉 I hope she took it on the lighter side and did not eat up that guy afterwards. I don’t know why I am always excited whenever my wedding month approaches near! As the name suggests – “Flirty” is an apt shade for all college gals and office-going gals.

It is a very vibrant frosty pink shade which looks very appealing on dusky and medium skin tones especially.

They are mildly scented which is hardly recognizable.However, the staying power is 6-8 hours with heavy meals and snacking which is true to its claim.I like the fact that it has shimmer, yet it gives a pretty clean finishing on lips and does not dry out lips, kind of matte finishing some times.However, I would suggest that you better test and then opt for this flirty shade as it is kind of tricky! Black women have told me it's because I'm a sellout.

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