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If you have a special talent, use it to become good at something that attracts the attention of girls you’d like to date. Letting other people praise your accomplishments is much more attractive to girls and women than acting like you are your own biggest fan. Girls tend to appreciate a guy who knows not to talk with his mouth full, how to stand back and let someone else enter a door first, and how to keep his voice volume low in a crowded movie theater.

It’s not just using good manners with her, it’s also how she observes you acting with everyone else.

This is a special challenge for guys with Asperger Syndrome.

When you talk with a girl, make your point and then give her a chance to respond.

Other guys can be helpful, if you can trust them, but girls have insights guys don’t. Having something in common makes it easier to talk with a girl, so put yourself in situations where you’re likely to meet someone who likes what you like. A girl who is not interested may say “Yes” in order not to hurt your feelings.

It’s much better to say, “Would you like to go to (insert movie, concert or other event) on Friday night? If she says she is busy and suggests another night, you’re in.

If you don’t understand some social nuance, being open about it can be disarming.

If she changes the subject, try and talk about the new subject for a while.

Assume that a girl cares as much about her interests as you do yours and her opinions are just as valid.

She is not less or more, she is different — in some interesting ways.

NINE: Don’t try to solve her problems unless she asks for your input.

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