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“It was a combination of sexism, ideas about gender roles, and then honestly, it was the brilliance of the construct of the show.People did find a hero in Walt, but they wanted so much to connect with him so viscerally that to see the person who often was his antagonist — therefore the show’s antagonist in a way — they felt like she was in the way of him doing whatever he wanted to do, and that he should be allowed to do what he wanted to do.” Gunn added that the haters’ constant criticism was “very tough” on her.

She continued: "It was very bizarre and confusing to us all. "It was extremely important for me to go through, and very powerful for me to learn that people will always have their opinions — and it can be for varied reasons, and that's fine." Can't get enough of the Albuquerque criminal landscape?

Actress Anna Gunn has learned to live with the backlash to her character on the AMC series, as the wife of meth lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

“It was very bizarre and confusing to us all,” Gunn told Entertainment Weekly when the “Breaking Bad” cast and creator Vince Gilligan recently reunited for an interview in honor of the show’s 10th anniversary.

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