Am i an intimidating person tip on internet dating

(Maybe I should have called it My Kitchen Table Writer's Group!may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs" (Albert Einstein).Or that they would like a less confident girl because they dont know how to act around a confident one.

Writers are always welcome to come and sit at my kitchen table..I want everyone to feel that same sense of welcome when they join Whip City Wordsmiths.

This is only a small part of a lifetime accumulation of written material that I have finally gotten off my butt and started doing something with. I am probably intimidating to them because ordinary people don't write much at all and cannot begin to fathom a human being writing so much (oh! I am a very private person, almost reclusive, but I've stepped out from behind the rock of obscurity a few paces, especially in the past 14 months.

If they only walked into my house and saw how much more there is to deal with! I'm just a regular person who happens to write- a lot. I sometimes write something from real life into a story or novel- it's a little game I've played with Kelly since I first started writing for her when she was 3 years old- find the thing from real life in the story. I have no problem with an author emailing me a story out of the blue with a 'please read this and let me know what you think' attached. I firmly believe that while writing is a solitary pursuit, preparing for publication should not be something one does without support.

I've been an editor of a college literary magazine and contributing writer.

I was first published in the real world in 1994, a children's story I'd written for Kelly (Monsters No More), then a personal memoir in a local literary/arts newspaper that no longer exists (Snow Dance), and in a magazine in the UK (Teddy Bear Review).

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