Advice on dating relationships

Tomorrow, I’m gonna start throwing all of her belongings in to trash bags, cause that’s essentially where they belong. Just using the trash bags as a way to give her back the things she owns.) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and your great advice. I’ve been engaged to her for over a year and a half, and just 3 months ago we got married. Then he wrote how he would like to be with "hot girls" or even just date a hot girl and how he feels like he settled for an average girl. Honestly, being realistic, I'm a bit above average (My face is about 70th percentile realistically speaking and my body is quite fit/skinny), whereas, as sexy as I find him, is a bit unconventional looking/overweight.

All of you gave me the courage to stand up for myself, and I know my life will certainly improve as a result. Probably average guy by US standards, but he is, (Not in my eyes! Although, I do believe everyone has the right to be with who they are attracted to. So I don't get why he is with me when I'm not attractive to him and I'm just straight up disappointed.

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I get the impression he's only with me so he won't die alone.

Today after breakfast I told her we should “sit down and talk.” She was hesitant, but I said it was important.

We went to the living room and she said to me “I already know what this is about.” My post apparently made it to the front page, so of course she saw it after scrolling down a bit under “popular.” Of course the water works started happening right away.

Please excuse this post I'm too upset to write proper.

Two nights ago we went to a wedding rehearsal party, a cocktail party.

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