Advice on dating a recovering alcoholic

“I’m on an antibiotic” or “I have to get up early for work”), but lies won’t eliminate the possibility of future dates at tempting bars and restaurants.

Recovering addicts need time to learn how to cope with stressors and deal with urges.Unfortunately, once an alcoholic is at a point that casual acquaintances can spot a problem, their lives have already been on a severe downward spiral for quite some time.For other alcoholics, spotting their addiction isn’t so easy […] If you’re a heavy drinker who frequently experiences stomach pain, indigestion, and/or nausea, you’re probably suffering from gastritis.It’s often a tragic consequence of years of alcohol abuse. Contrary to popular belief, brain damage from alcohol abuse isn’t due to alcohol killing brain cells.Studies suggest that wet brain is actually caused […] Alcohol withdrawal occurs when individuals with a physical dependency on alcohol stop drinking.

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