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A so far unpublished feature in Android allows video and audio call users to make their screen visible to all participants.This allows users to view video and images stored on their own mobile phone or to view content outside the Facebook cosmos (You Tube videos, etc.) together with others.The message is then deleted not only from the user’s own chat history but also from those of other chat participants.This is a feature that many users have been demanding for a long time.This will be rolled out globally over the rest of the year!

This protocol is also used for the messenger Signal, which is known for its security.How to delete messages or photos in the chat: In addition to updates and new features, we have also been asked many times about the main differences between Whats App and the FB Messenger.So let’s take a look at some of the features just like Business Today did a few weeks ago. With FB Messenger 4, users have just received a major redesign, including a logo, which is being rolled out worldwide.As promised at the F8 a few months back, Facebook Messenger is now launching a variety of business policies and features which will position Messenger as a serious channel for business communication as well.Messenger is implementing a 24-hour window for businesses to respond to incoming user messages, to ensure fast responses and better service.

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