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Download and complete the Family Court Cover Sheet.

You will need to bring this form to the court on your hearing date.

Laws – § 15-49 Either spouse can change their names after they get married, however, only your last name can be changed, not your first name.

Your newly chosen name (most likely your spouse’s last name) will be written on your marriage decree.

Falsifying an affidavit is an offense punishable by a fine and/or jail time.

However, an affidavit must be signed to ensure the information provided to the judge is true and that the individual was not convicted of any crimes under a different name.

Minor name changes in the State of South Carolina involve a lengthier process and, unlike adult name changes, will always require a court hearing in front of a judge.

Fortunately, the name change laws in South Carolina are very definitive, and the process remains the same throughout every county.

Once the decree is approved by a judge, you can bring it with you to the SSA and DMV to update your Social Security and driver’s license.

If you, or both you and your spouse, decide later to hyphenate your last names, you will have to file a petition and go through the standard name changing process (see ‘Adult Name Change’ section below).

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