Action carried report task updating

For example, a Task could request fulfillment of a Service Request ordering a Procedure that would result in a Procedure, Observation, Diagnostic Report, Imaging Study or similar resource.

Another example would be a Task that requests fulfillment of a Communication Request to be performed between various actors.

Inputs and outputs are tracked by the task because workflow management activity may automate the transfer of outputs from one task to inputs to a subsequent task.

To facilitate the integration of off the shelf workflow applications with FHIR, the task resource may reference a definition.

A task resource describes an activity that can be performed and tracks the state of completion of that activity.

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Note that there are a variety of processes associated with making and processing orders.

Some orders may be handled immediately by automated systems but most require real world actions by one or more humans.

When a task is suspended, it is typically resumed in the state it was in when it was originally suspended.

Suspending a task suspends all of its children as well. An In-progress task can also be stopped, returning it to a Ready state.

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