7 day dating and relationship

Regular communication helps build trust and grow a relationship, if anyone can't keep in touch multiple times a day, that's a clear display of how much they TRULY value you.Sometimes you have to walk away to remind them of that. But I need someone who wants to check in on me regularly, and is happy when I do the same.If the guy they stayed with was just trying to be a good dude and help out two drunk girls who couldn't communicate which hotel they were staying at while sloshed, then why were they in bed with him??It's one thing if irresponsibility lands you in the home of a stranger for the night.

I care a ton about her but it's hard to have a relationship with someone else when you barely have one with yourself.I just ignored her texts She also called me about 100 times for our “morning Face Time call” and I declined her.I wanted to tell her that I had a girl in my bed and we’re eating pancakes but that’s petty af so I didn’t Yeah idk if I should talk to her when she gets back or just ignore her. Even if she didn’t cheat it’s not right to be in bed with someone else and stuff that’s not ok It doesn't matter if she cheated or not.Once a day is a bare minimum for any kind of serious relationship.Seriously, your communication is decaying if this isn't the case.

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