18 dating a 22 year old

Smart as **** in the sense that you have a fresh **** buddy that your claiming before she goes through college and starts whoring around.

One of my boys just got his p HD, ****ed around a lot through undergrad and grad. For me its like a win-win situation, you get a girl who you can tell what to do and a girl that has that fresh vagina that hasn't been used up like all these 22 year olds.

I have some really bad memory issues, and yesterday remembered something small that I thought of for just a moment 12 hours later. I had severe depression, and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my life. More important than all that she actively did was what she did by just She had lived life long before I got there.

She had a son, that a year before we met, had passed away at 13.

She needed a strong presence in her life, she needed a rock, and I learned not just how to do that, but also that I was good at it. She's my world after all, but it would be off message, which is this: Sometimes, what you need in life is not someone in the same place in life as you, as western culture seems to feel is the standard. :)I've gotten quite a bit of disapproval for my decision, accompanied by cries that I'm being taken advantage of. From a developmental POV and As a 25 year old female myself I'm going to admit I don't understand. I'm not telling you that either of you are 'wrong' or bad but you and OP shouldn't be surprised if people don't accept your relationships.

Sometimes, what you need is someone in a different place. Don't ever let anyone tell you that whoever makes you happy is not right for you. I've known what I want, like and am comfortable with sexually and personally for a very long time, so being told that my decisions You don't have down votes now, but they could have come from the fact that you said if she was 16 things would be ruined by her immaturity and carelessness... You guys are in very different mental places in your lives. Ultimately it's your choice but age is also more than a number and people do change with age and become almost different people as they get older.

Congrats, I'm sorry people judge you and your gf!

I've been struggling with depression and anxiety and the like for quite some time.

I've been out of high school since I was 14 (finished early online) and have been trying to figure out my mental health through the pursuit of my interests (or, more specifically, figuring out what my interests ) for the past couple of years.

Things have been hard, I've had to deal with some pretty awful family situations including the loss of my father and the all-but-loss of my mother who is no longer present.

We've now been seeing each other for about five months.

Everything about our relationship is exactly what I needed.

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